LunarFate Bag - Black (S904)

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The round-shaped bag with a triangular Tongue represents a unique and modern Design. With the use of High Quality Materials and attention to details, This bag seamlessly blends Elegance with practical functionality, making it ideal for use in the morning, during work hours, and even in the Evening.

- 100% Vegan Leather.

- Leather Hand.

- Interior chamois underlay .

- Zipped interior small pocket.

- Magnetic closure.

- Can carry your iPhone, Samsung, Lipstick, Keys...etc.

Dimensions :

Height : 18.5 cm. 

Width : 25 cm.

Depth : 8 cm.

Hand : 50 cm.

Weight: 300 gm.


- Wipe clean with a soft dry cloth.

- If needed, entrust it to a professional dry cleaner.

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