We are looking to collaborate with:

- (Photographers / videographers)  

- (Female Fashion Models)

1- (Photographers/ Videographer)

Job description for photographer / videographer

  •     Take professional pictures in a studio or on location.
  •      Use different techniques to enhance the photographs as required.
  •      Recommend creative ideas to exceed expectations of goals and objectives.
  • Operating audio equipment such as microphones and digital recorders to capture sound during filming.
  • Shooting footage that captures events or situations from multiple angles using different camera positions and perspectives.
  • Shooting still photos during filming to capture candid moments or create images for promotional materials.
  • Editing footage to create polished videos with music, titles, credits, and subtitles.
  • Responsible for all photographic and video content from start to finish including capturing content and editing for the needs of output.
  • Play a key role in assisting to shape the visual storyline of content touch points while assisting to maintain the brand’s digital asset library.
  • Use various media including graphics, animations, data visualization, music and voice overs to create professional grade content.
  • To be up to date on video and photography trends to ensure we are at the forefront of content.


Skills and Personal Characteristics:

• Must have own equipment.

• Excellent knowledge of photography/videograhy within the digital domain.

• Must display excellent technical and photographic skills.

• Must display a passion for both photographic and video content and a commitment to holding editorial integrity.

• Experience with industry standard editing tools and asset management software.

• Must have excellent IT skills especially with computer programs such as Photoshop, Adobe

 lightroom, photo mechanic.

• Ability to multi-task while showing commitment to detail.

• Must have commitment to deadlines and be open to flexible working hours.

• Demonstrate maturity and professionalism.

• Positive attitude.

• Strong communication and organizational skills.

2- (Female Fashion Model)

Fashion model job description

We are looking to collaborate with  a talented models to participate in photo shoots,. The model’s responsibilities include building good working relationships with photographers, directors and other Models, holding various poses for extended periods.

Model Responsibilities:

  •     Following the directions of photographers and posing for photo shoots accordingly.
  •     Participating in runway shows by modeling designers’ clothing, accessories, footwear, and jewelry.
  •     Maintaining an updated portfolio of work.
  •     Collaborating with stylists as well as makeup artists to create specific looks.
  •     Following suitable health and fitness regimens to maintain a well-defined physical appearance in accordance with industry standards.
  •     Conducting research on designers’ fashion Trend  as well as other products that are to be modeled and promoted.

If you are interested to apply please send your CV to